2023 Mathematics Competition

Question 4

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Rose James
4 hours ago

@Oluwasegun solaja I used binomial expansion to solve it

@Rose James got it first. thank you.

I will suggest we all provide detailed explanations, if we are to solve this in an examination will format will you use?

Can use adopt Pascal Triangle and teach people?

Gideon Olagoke
6 days ago

(3*2y - 4xy)(3*2y - 4xy)(3*2y - 4xy)(3*2y - 4xy)


Rose James
1 week ago

81x^8y⁴ -432x^7y⁴+864x^6y^6-768x^5y⁴+256x⁴y⁴

Rose James
1 week ago

(81x^8y⁴)+(108x^6y³-4xy)+(54x⁴y² +8x²y²)+(12x²y-64x³y³)+(256x¹²y⁴)

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