How to (not) fill your profile on dating website

Another sentence I often see on profiles: “No one reads this anyway.” It’s true that some people will never read through your profile , no ma ...


How do I tell my friends and family am on a dating site

There is a conception that being on a dating site is “strange”. People say “you shouldn’t force these things to happen. Let the Fate arrange ...


How will I know what to do after have seen my postume result

I just wrote my postume test last week, and I have been wondering what's the next step to take to be admitted, is there anyone who can help? ...


I Want To Start An Escrow Company, What Do You Think?

I wish to build my escrow kind-of app and start the company. I just need your inputs concerning how feasible it will be, whether I should start it or ...


Accommodation needed at Ogba Lagos

Please I want to ask if its possible to get a face-me-i-face-you in Ogba area and how much it goes for. Thanks ...


Can I register for voters card in LCDA

Hello, I will like to know if I can register for voter's card in my LCDA, my local government is faraway from me. Thanks ...


How Weight Loss Is Tied To When You Eat And Not What You Eat

hello , i read somewhere that weight loss is tied to what i eat , and that i should avoid some certain food, but of recent i stumbled on an article sa ...


How to start A Lucrative Plantain Farming in Nigeria

How To Start A Lucrative Plantain Farming In Nigeria Another secret cash machine that people tend to ignore is plantain farming in Nigeria. We wa ...


5 Things Your Gynecologist Wishes You Knew

Going to visit the gynecologist regularly is an extremely important part of every woman’s life. It’s also understandably a little terrifying becau ...


Do you wish to know all about Fashion design? Then join us

A lot of people talk about fashion, I love fashion, I love to look good with creative classy outfits and I would delve into fashion designing either a ...

Adeleye Caleb

How To Start Your Water mellon Plantation

attaches dries out and turns brown, the melon is ripe. The flat dead sound emitted by a melon when thumped is the real indicator of ripeness, and the ...


How to prevent Food Poisoning

How to Prevent Food Poisoning Food poisoning is a common problem -- but it’s also one that can often be prevented. Many cases are mild and yo ...


How to detoxify your body

How to Detox your body Detoxification, or detox, is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Diets that claim to achieve a full deto ...


How Some Men React To Breast Feeding

This is so hilarious but do you think these guys are right ? ...


Do You Need A Career Advancement Without Job Experience ?

Lacking experience, some workers find it difficult to advance to a job with expanded responsibilities. But it can be done. A worker seeks fulfillment ...

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