Adeleye Caleb

A Review Of Fela Durotoye’s Interview With Falz & Laila On The Couch

I just had the opportunity to finally watch Fela Durotoye’s interview with OntheCouch on its debut show. I must say that I am quite disappointed. Fi ...


How to Start Earning on Naitalk

Hi, I keep hearing, or shall i say seeing different guys asking out to earn on Naitalk. Please before i continue i want you to know that Naitalk is ...

Adeleye Caleb

What do you have on your mind

I keep wondering how i can get my thoughts out , without the distractions of the other social media like facebook,instagram and twitter .and of course ...


Fela Durotoye storms Ogun state tomorrow

*FD Connect (Town Hall Meeting with Fela Durotoye)* Ogun State This is to cordially invite/remind you of the upcoming *FD Connect/Town Hall Meeting ...

Adeleye Caleb

Presidential hopeful, Fela Durotoye is 47 today

**Fela Durotoye@47: Celebrating a Generational Shift Campaigner** Adetokunbo Olufela Durotoye, leadership coach, corporate trainer and presidential ...

Adeleye Caleb

Is this Love?

Well, I begin to wonder what goes around on Campus between guys and girls who claim to love each other or one another. Then this question begins to r ...


Does getting a job has anything to do with your qualifications or set

Greatest Funaabites,Have Benn thinking on how to share with you guys,but thankGod an opportunity like this is given.It so absurd still seen a candidat ...



WELCOME ADDRESS We welcome you all to the first ever funaabsu online argumentative essay competition. The competition is aimed at increasing the int ...

Adeleye Caleb

What is the implication of Buharis Comments In London

I have been thinking ever since the president made that funny statement of we Nigerian youths been lazy and always relying on government. So guys what ...


How can u i send mail from my script

Hello, there is this script i have that allows users to sign up and then send a confirmation email to the user, but my script has not been sending mai ...


Did Amelia Bassano Lanier write all of Shakespeare's plays?

I saw an Image online about a black lady , that is claimed wrote the plays of shakespeare , please Did Amelia Bassano Lanier write all of Shakespeare ...

Adeleye Caleb

How to make money step by step on Facebook

Firstly, you need to understand that to make money from Facebook through the Facebook Audience Network you will need to own a Facebook Page and a blog ...


8 Signs A Marriage Won’t Last, According To Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers spend a lot of time with their clients, from the initial meeting and engagement photo session to the actual wedding. Given all t ...


The right way to use fliers for marketing

I am not a fan of using fliers to market. I think it is a waste of time and resources. I’m particularly peeved at the way most people deploy it. Han ...


Online versus real life dating

I used to sign up to dating sites because I was shy to ask out strangers. At least those whom I liked much. Nowadays I have enough confidence to ...


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