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How to initiate and maintain friendships. - Rhoda Makinde1 - 06-15-2022

It is not a surprise that many people do not know how to initiate or maintain a chat with friends or people they would want to be friends with without creeping them out. 

Maintaining a good chat seems to be a task impossible for some people. Many factors could lead to this, but we are not here for those factors, regardless.

The importance of maintaining a good chat or discussion that elongates friendships can not be overemphasised. Note that the more you learn the art of maintaining a good and fun chat, the better you become, and the more of its benefit you get. 

There are different questions you can ask or discuss. Below are four questions or topics you can delve into while chatting or meeting with a person you would want a long-term relationship with. 


People's education tends to mold who they are; their school of thought, way of life, exposure etc. Don't just ask about their education, ask about the feats they have been able to get with their education. Show interest in their future ambition in regards to their education. 

You could go ahead to ask why they choose a course, their interest and what they intend to do with the course. 


Asking about one's family is the warmest show of care or love. Ask about their family; where they reside, several siblings, family background etc. 

Most people like talking about their family, especially the good part of their family. Ask about the positive part of their family and dwell more on it. Doing this will make such a person happy and open to discussing more with you. 


Asking about their childhood memories often takes time because it will make such a person go back into the past to extract that information. In asking about childhood memories, be observant to know when to stop the discussion, what memory to dwell on, or what memory not to dwell on. 

Dwelling on a memory such a person doesn't want to talk about may frustrate him or her, changing the mood of the chat or discussion. 

Get to know their best memories and feel free to delve into them. This is one of the greatest tips in getting people to open up, or wanting to stay long in a discussion. 

[Image: images-20.jpg]


Asking about their love life could also prolong a discussion, or chat. It could also prolong a friendship, depending on the information given, your response, and your disposition. 

Most people do not often want to talk about their love life. Whenever you come across such people, don't force it. Do not force it out of them as doing this may cause an abrupt end to you both. 

Asking about love life could be an interesting discussion for some people. Once you notice the person is interested in discussing this topic with you, feel free to delve into it. 

These and more are interesting topics you can ask. So, don't just ask the normal "how are you, and have you eaten" questions, try to engage them more maturely and interestingly.

Writer– Rhoda Makinde.