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EVER HEARD ABOUT ANOREXIA BEFORE? - Oluwagrace - 09-11-2022

Anorexia simply means loss of appetite. It is a psychological  and potentially life threatening eating disorder characterized by self-starvation and excessive weight loss. People with anorexia have intense fears of getting fat, probably because they give more attention to having an ideal body figure rather than being medically fit and sound. Even when these people are thin and not fat, they feel they are fat and try to correct this perceived flaw of theirs by strictly limiting their food intake and exercising excessively in order to loss weight. The risk of developing this eating disorder is greater in models, actors and actresses, dancers and athletes because their physical stucture and weight is of utmost importance.
    Feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem, pressure from peers and a society that equates being slim or thin to physical beauty, changes in hormones that control how the body and mind  maintain mood, appetite, thinking and memory contributes to the development of the eating disorder.
      Common symptoms include, intense fear of gaining weight or getting fat, strange eating habits or routine, compulsive exercising and  frequent illness. Serious physical symptoms that can develop over-time are;low tolerance of cold weather, brittle hair and nails, dry and yellowing skin, anemia, constipation and if not treated can result in thining of bones, irregular heartbeat, damaged organs or even death.
    This eating disorder (anorexia) can be prevented by encouraging healthy eating habits and it requires long-term treatment when diagnosed for recovery.