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Question: why do God allow his children pass through difficult times?

So this question keeps coming up every time I see Gid fearing christians passing through really difficult times, and even though they are not lazy so I begin to wonder why this is so, after all they are faithful to God.
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Hi Shola.

Your question is so intriguing and I imagine millions of people are also asking themselves "why does God allow his children to suffer and pass through difficult times"? So you see, you are not alone on this table dear. People are truly getting hurt, feeling pain and dying every minute. Being a child of God doesn't exempt you from these difficult times because God in his sovereignty allows evil to happen to his children for many good reasons. I will mention two reasons and I hope this will help to build your faith and make you stronger in faith in God.

1. God allows his children to pass through difficulties to make them draw closer to him; one thing about us as humans is that we tend to forget God easily when everything is good and bright. Forgetting God is very risky because satan our adversary goes about looking for whom to destroy. God loves his children and want us to know him and also depend on him. You might have heard of testimonies of people hearing the voice of God when they were in their difficult times. Such times make us run back to God – it makes us see the need to stay close to God and this is our father's delight. Job in the Bible also passed through these times and he knew the sovereignty of God through his difficulties. Reading these scriptures will strengthen you: psalm 34 vs 17. Deuteronomy 33 vs 27. Proverb 16 vs 4. Isaiah 41 vs 10. You should also read the whole book of Job.

2. God allows his children to pass through difficult times for his glory; our essence is to glorify God, Isaiah 43 vs 21, Isaiah 43 vs 7. We live to give God the glory both in our dark and bright times. God allow difficult times to show the world his might. In John chapter 9,  there was a man that was born blind. Jesus was in the crowd and this man was there. The people asked Jesus if it was this man's parents that sinned but Jesus' response showed why. He responded in verse 3 of the chapter by saying "this happened that God might be shown". So that problem you are passing through is for Gods' glory. Be patient, don't lose focus, believe in God and watch as he glorifies himself in you.

©Rhoda Makinde
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