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It is good and fun to travel on vacation, especially after a hectic period. Vacation gives room for connection with people from different parts of the world, helps to refresh the mind and release stress. 

Your vacation is too important for you to start packing a night before the travelling date and for you not to be sure of the reservation and all. You cannot afford to forget things you ought to take along, this may give you a bad vacation experience. 

I have written down some things you should do before you hit the road to your vacation. 

1. Confirm your reservation a few days before you go on vacation. 

Some people get stuck on vacation in another country because they couldn't get a reservation as planned. There are a lot of factors that could contribute to this but make sure you confirm your reservation before hitting the road. While on vacation, reservation is one of the important parts of it because it gives room for privacy and relaxation. 

2. Familiarise yourself with the map. 

There are cases where people who go on vacation missed their way. Get familiar with the map of where you are going! It will save you unnecessary stress of getting lost. 

3. Give your health audience 

It is paramount to take care of your health before going on a vacation. Check your health status, and take note of what to eat and what not to eat. Take your medications along because staying in a new place might trigger some health challenges like cold, and fever. Many vacations have been ruined because of negligence to health. 

4. Charge all electronics and make ready a substitute for the power supply. 

This is very important. Charge your phones to reach out to family and friends while on vacation. These people love you too much not to speak with them. It is also good to charge all electronics for security reasons. 

5. Check the state of your vehicle. 

If travelling on the road, check the state of your vehicle like the tyre pressure, engine, headlights, break and so on. This is to give you a smooth ride, reduce your expenses and save time. 

6. Check the weather of where you are going on a vacation. 

There is different weather that occurs at different points in time in different geographical regions. Make sure you confirm what weather the region is to get the right clothing and medication if necessary. 

7. Check your passport expiration date. 

Your passport should be valid at least six months beyond the day you are travelling, especially to a foreign country. This is a general rule. Each country has their own rules but makes sure it is valid for at least six months. 

I hope these tips help you. Do have an eventful vacation. 

Writer: Rhoda Makinde. 
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