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Hello, i over heard someone(a coach) mentioning the Ten Thousand Hour Rule and how it applies to all aspect of a Man's life. I really wish to know what this rule is, so i can fully grasp whet the coach was trying to say.

Thanks in advance 
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This is where the 10000 hours rule came from.
Now let us do the maths, if you work eight hours a day, five days a week, you will hit the 10,000 hours mark after five years of full-time effort.

If we apply the 10,000ours rule to anything we want to master, either playing a musical instrument or sport or probably business, we will have an outstanding result.

Let me quote some of the testimonies of those that have applied that rule and succeeded.

Malcolm Gladwell explains that to become outstandingly accomplished at anything, it takes about 10,000 hours of hard work. As a high-school kid, Bill Gates put in 10,000 hours of programming. When they were still just another unknown British band of wannabes, the Beatles played a nightclub in Hamburg, seven hours a day, seven days a week—and put in about 10,000 hours.

 “What’s really interesting about this 10,000-hour rule,” says Gladwell, “is that it applies virtually everywhere. You can’t become a chess grandmaster unless you spend 10,000 hours on practice. The tennis prodigy who starts playing at 6 is playing in Wimbledon at 16 or 17 [like] Boris Becker. The classical musician who starts playing the violin at 4 is debuting at Carnegie Hall at 15 or so.

” Ten thousand hours: Do the math. If you work eight hours a day, five days a week, you hit the 10,000-hour mark after five years of full-time effort. Fortunately for you, mastering network marketing is not like becoming a chess grandmaster. You don’t need to become Boris Becker, the Beatles, or Bill Gates. You don’t need to become the best in the world—but you do have to master the skills of the business. It won’t take you five years of full-time, forty-hour weeks. But to learn and master what it takes to build a massive network with passive income, do yourself a favor and give yourself enough time. By the way, I still use this five-year plan. 

When I decide to learn something new—for example, investing in real estate—I still allow myself five years to learn the process. When I wanted to learn how to invest in stocks, I again gave myself five years to learn the process. Many people invest once, lose a few dollars, and then quit. They quit after their first mistake, which is why they fail to learn. But losing is part of the process of winning. It’s only losers who think that winners never lose, who think that mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Mistakes are priceless opportunities to learn essential lessons. Today, I still give myself five years to make as many mistakes as possible. 

I do this because I know that the more mistakes I make and learn from, the smarter I will become. If I make no mistakes for five years, then I am no smarter than I was five years ago—just five years older.

I hope this answers your question @Caleb
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