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As a singer– whether you are a choir in church, singer in the school band, stage band singer etc, there is always a need to have a good vocal cord and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your voice as a singer is the greatest instrument, and you need to care for it. Below are few tips on how to keep your vocal cord as a singer,;

1. Keep hydrated: drink a lot of water than soda drinks. This moist the vocal cord and prevent dryness. This helps you hit your note effortlessly.

2. Take vocal rest; there is no good a stressed vocal cord can give– it doesn't give the desired result while singing. After you might have stressed your voice, take vocal rest; sleep, drink a lot of water, resist singing, screaming or even talking.

3. Avoid substance; substance like cigarettes and others does damage the vocal cord – ither as a first user or second user. Stay in a clear and clean environment.

©Rhoda Makinde
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