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In my teenage years, I spent the most time doing irrelevant activities because my thinking was just to go to school, do the normal house chores, go to rehearsals, and spend the bulk of the time watching movies and welcoming friends.
I wasn't even bothered about purpose discovery or personal development as such.

I started feeling unease with this routine in my 100 level when I took a course on time management. Before then, in my 100 level, I saw young students who were doing exceptionally well in some areas like writing, fashion, public speaking, business, etc. This was like a call-up for me to sit tight and start making good of my time to be productive and live like those students.
I know that some of you are finding it difficult to manage your time. Time management skill is required in life, you can barely achieve anything without the skill. I have listed a few important tips for time management.

🚩   Set achievable goals.
You should not set goals beyond your present ability because you may end up not achieving those goals and wasting your time. Set simple and achievable goals for yourself.
Use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) method to set goals.

🚩 Set a time limit for each task.
Setting a time limit makes you more focused on your task. Be truthful to yourself and set a reasonable time limit for yourself. Before setting a time limit, put into consideration your speed and the complexity of the task.

🚩 Prioritise your task.
Prioritise your tasks by ticking from the most important tasks to the less important tasks.
Do the most important tasks first before going for the less important tasks. This will help you achieve more within the set time.

🚩 Create an organised calendar.
Write down the deadlines for each task you have, starting from long-term tasks to short-term tasks.
Work towards these deadlines especially.

   🚩 Remove nonessential tasks or activities.
Stop those activities that do not positively add to your set goals and tasks. Removing those activities gives you more time to focus on the tasks and/or goals.

🚩 Plan your day early.
Early in the morning, plan your day. Note those things you want to do that day, and stick to doing them till they are achieved.
I have tried these tips and they have helped me in no small way. You can try them out.

Stay unrooted.

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_Rhoda Makinde.
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