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When you start living in "the abroad", you wii learn how to live within a budget by faya by force.

You kanor jus go and be buying tinz anyhow, anyhow. You're going to have to learn and know exactly what you need in a week or month, make a plan for it and follow through.

If you're Nigerian and have lived in Naija for a long time (like me), you go know say we know sabi live on top budget.
You'll plan to spend 80k this month because you spent 70 last month....

When you enter market, your 2nd name will become Confusion and your surname will be Personified, because what you spent 80k on last week, will suddenly do magic and turn to 200k.

You'll now turn to a professional barber or gardener and start trimming and pruning your list until you get to one third of the items.

Oyinbo people plan everything, up to how much they will need to spend on entertainment i.e. going out for drinks with friends, seeing a movie, taking your family out, etc. Don't even get me started on the bills (water, power, gas, different kinds of taxes, etc).

Here, inflation seems to happen in a controlled manner, so prices remain the same for quite a while.

I understand that energy price went up in the UK a few weeks ago. The announcement was made a few weeks prior, so people could be prepared.

The uproar that followed the announcement was.....I don't even know what words to use. Then I heard the extra amount they would need to pay, and I was like.....

Chai, these people eeee, make them come Naija, they will understand that 20 and 20, 000,000 no be the same.

You will get so many emails from different organizations concerning your bills, your head will start spinning.
You no go even wan know which one you go first pay.

Immediately we moved into our home, e no reach 1 week, we got a mail from the local council reminding us of our council tax.

Ha, na wa o! Bros, abi Madam, you see me for ya dream ni??? So, I kanor drink water and drop cup peacefully in this house?
By the way, who told you we had moved, how did you get our address, enh?

When it comes to money, these people are not smiling o!
If you don't believe me, try and be late with your payments for more than 24 hours, ya eye go see the back of ya head!

Every country has it's good and not so good sides, choose the one you prefer and be happy there.
Life is good, no matter where you live. What matters is the state of your world on the inside, not the outside.

Anyway, the weather is really cold, lemme go and drink tea and think of how to buy that dress I've been eyeing for the past 3 weeks!
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