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I love to listen to the radio a lot, especially a particular radio station, but I have discovered other new stations - well you might be wondering when these new stations came on air, no - they have been on the air for like a couple of years but I never discovered then on my transistor radio not until the electrical power situation in the country was grounded to a halt. Yes, I say a halt because for like 5days now there has been a power outage in my area of about 500,000 people.

How does my listening to the radio often and finding new stations relate to power outages in the country? Don’t worry your brain too long because am going to explain how it happened.

Every morning, I listen to a particular radio station after I have said my morning prayers that end around 9 am. I listen to the radio till around 2 pm when the light must have been restored by NEPA…opps sorry PHCN.

I put on my laptop computer and start to work - sorry I forgot to tell you that I am a web developer and I work a lot designing or redesigning one website and developing the other. So I start my work as late as 2 pm and say a fervent prayer that the light isn’t taken again, often times am lucky and the light stays till arround 6 pm and it is seized again by the almighty PHCN. Sometimes I wonder why they do this, I complain and grumble to myself alone in the room, not too far away from my house, you hear curses falling like rain directed at the PHCN.

The power will be or maybe(No certainly with PHCN) restored around 10 pm then it stays hopefully through the night and till 5 am the next day and they(PHCN) cut it off again.

There is a saying that you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it., I soon realised the meaning of that saying when the privatization of PHCN was announced on the radio and my heart leaped for joy, little did I know that the evil day was close by.

PHCN was privatised and we all shouted Haleliuyah, but I was still at “Hale” before getting to “luyah” and the power was seized. I thought it was their usual way of playing almighty not knowing that I will spend that night in darkness and many nights to come.

The power anomaly goes on and on, at times they may have mercy on us or perhaps they made a mistake to restore the power, but as soon as the window of mercy is closed or perhaps when they realised their mistake, they seize the power again. 

I have fallen in love with my radio since there is nothing I can do without power, I now listen to various stations which I never realised existed before. I am also lonely and so confused, I can not communicate with clients online because my phone battery is dead. I am so powerless. Now I know THE POWER OF POWER.

This was first written in 2011.
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