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Spiritual growth is for everyone; both young and old. God desires that his children step out from their childish spirituality and start attaining the height he envisions for us. 

Spiritual growth is the process of attaining a height in God. It is when a Christian graduates from fundamental teachings to receiving deeper teachings of Christ. It is a continuous process for eternity.

The word of God says "milk is for children while strong meat is for adults...", (Paraphrased). Every Christian is expected to receive strong meat. God wants us to continually grow in him because it is the only way we can know deeper things about him. 

God wants us to know his secrets. He wants us to know all things he has made available for us in Christ Jesus. God is waiting for us and he is calling us to come higher. 

Many Christians are comfortable being baby Christian because being a baby Christian gives chances for comfort. They know that at this stage, they do not need to go the extra mile in doing God's will per time. 

When a child is young, he is expected to behave like a child but when he is growing up, he is expected to leave the stage of childish behaviour. Stunted growth is a sign of unhealthy living, and so is it for Christians. 

There are numerous advantages of attaining a spiritual height in Christ Jesus. When we are growing, there are spiritual benefits that God gives to his children that are doing his will by growing spiritually. These benefits (spiritual blessings) are incomparable and far beyond what a baby Christian can get. 

Below are the benefits of spiritual growth in Christ Jesus. 

1. God reveals his heart. 

When a Christian is growing, God starts revealing his heart; what he wants of him and from him. God starts showing deep things that he has kept for his children from the foundation of the world. God wants us to know the deep things because they are meant for us and it is his joy that his children know them. 

2. God reveals more of himself. 

The book of James says " draw near to me and I will draw near to you…". When we start growing spiritually in Christ Jesus, our eyes will start beholding more of God. We will start knowing him beyond what a child can know. He starts to reveal His nature, glory, majesty, heart etc start to us. We start knowing him not as a God that lives far away in heaven where we can't see but as a loving father, lover and friend. He starts getting real to us. 

3. God informs us of his steps. 

God said, "can I do this thing and not tell my friend, Abraham?". There is a height we will attain that God will start informing us what he wants to do before he does it. God expects us to get to this stage. It is his desire for everyone. 

4. We become friends of God. 

Abraham is a perfect example of a friend of God. God moved with him as a friend would. When we start growing, God becomes our friend and we start enjoying him more and more. 

_ Rhoda Makinde. 
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