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It's another weekend and if I may ask, what are your plans for the coming week, what will your reply be?


How can you end this week without a proper view of what you will like to achieve next? What do you achieve this week? It doesn't make sense if you keep living as if life means nothing to you.

Linda is a young teacher that always has a problem with her school head because she's not always writing her lesson plan.
This week, she planned to do so, but do you know what? Her friends called to inform her of the birthday party they need to attend, though she already concluded she can't attend, but she yielded to it and end up going to school that new week without a lesson plan. She was punished and suspended from her duties. 

Many people act exactly like Linda these days. They spend years without goals, months rolled away without a plan, all they say is that it doesn't matter.

Reason this with me, don't you think is good to have goals, write them down, be international about achieving them and celebrate your wins?

Every day before you step out, always ask yourself, what do you want to achieve today? Write it down if necessary, and when you return, ask yourself what you've achieved for the day. 
A daily plan is important cause it keeps you for focus on the day. 

Linda would have chosen to do the right thing and be free from judgment but of course, she was distracted. Likewise, there is a daily distraction, but it's left to you to maintain your stand. 

By all means, please avoid goal distractions. Daily plans/goals are a road map that leads to wins and celebration.

- Hindrances to daily plans/goals achievement

Some things make people not set goals and plan for the day, which are:

* Fear: Fear of what if they did not achieve any of their plans, what will become of them. They prefer to stay without planning themselves because they don't want to fail.

* Lack of Commitment: Another reason is that people cannot stay committed to their plans. If you agree with me, when you have plans, it restricts your involvement to things that only matter. Because of this, some people prefer to be free without plans than to be confined to plans.

Lack of intentionality: some people are not ready to pay the price. You can never execute any plan by mistake, you have to be deliberate, know your goal, and diligently walk into it. If you believe in luck a lot, it's a sign you are unserious. Act intentionally.

* Setting too many goals: You must be aware that everything takes time. Don't rush yourself because you are eager to achieve everything. Most time when you fix lots of goals, you end up achieving nothing. Achievement is a gradual process, it takes time. Don't set too many goals but be faithful to little.

*Reset: Failure In one does not mean all have failed and the failed one can't be reset, no! It doesn't matter how many times, keep trying until you achieve what you want.

* Refresh: In everything, you must have time to refresh in other to give room for strategizing. Don't make your goal scary by not having a rest time.

Don't forget why you are here and there is a need to achieve it, so you must set daily goals to keep you on track every day and lead you to a safe destination.
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(06-19-2022, 04:47 PM)admin Wrote: we love your contributions to the platform. keep it up

Thank you!

It's a privilege to perform.
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