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This post was last modified: 06-07-2022, 01:55 PM by Olubiyo Mercy.
When I see ladies struggling to have a flat tummy, I'm always surprised.

Lately, I have gotten many questions about how I managed to achieve mine and I always feel like a queen when I get those questions. 
No one's tummy can be flatter than mine because I know what I've gotten. I'm confident to say it cause I know what I have.

I remember, someone said it's possible I don't like eating or I don't eat much but none s true. Some even said I might have a combo I do take, I was speechless when I heard all these.

I know you are also thinking then how do I get it,  Don't worry, just your time and attention to this article answers it all.

Today, I will give some tips to get that big tummy flat. Trust me, this has worked for me and that is why I can share it with you.

Firstly, as a lady, it's unwise to consume everything you see or lay your hands on. A-ha! Only you.

You know the whole drinking point in your locality.
Taking alcoholic drinks is bad for a woman.

I remember asking my mom while I was in primary school if men also get pregnant whenever I see a man with a big stomach, she smiled and tell me the majority of It is the result of taking alcohol.
If you want that tummy of yours to be flat like mine, stop taking alcohol.

Another thing to note is to know the rightful meal to take for the day. Most time, I have listened to a health professional say that solid food is not good for breakfast and dinner, preferably for lunch. This is also applicable if you want a good shape.
I know you are thinking at this time that things are hard, yes, but you can be conscious of what you eat and what time you take your meal.

Thirdly, do lots of exercises and be consistent. We are in the time where you can get anything on the internet, you can always check on some work-out that can be done at home which will not cost you much except your time.
To start is not the problem here, but you must be consistent. Consistency is the key to achieving any desired result.

Lastly, drink a lot of water in the morning and less at night. Water is life! When you drink lots of water, it helps to flush out the toxic chemicals in the body and helps you stay healthy and stable.
I have heard many people say, they cannot drink water the first thing in the morning before eating, but that is wrong and harmful. I've been doing this and it has become part of me and my system is used to it. Just a little at first, and gradually, you can take as much as possible. It's a method that works like magic.
Do all this, be consistent and you will get that result you desired with time.

Don't forget, consistency is the key

- Advantages of having a tummy.

* It brings out your hidden shape: when you have a flat tummy, your shape will be out. Instead of working about how to get that curve, work on your tummy first, and with little effort, you've got the result.

* it helps you have a good walking step: Everyone keeps on falling in love with my walking step, do you know why? Because my tummy is not dancing as walk. My stomach is not dragging me up and down and that will make you like me if you have the opportunity to see me.

* It helps you rock your beautiful dress and styles of your choice: when I see some ladies complaining about the style they'll love to rock which their big tummy is restricting them, I always feel pity for them. You'll agree with me that when you are in a good shape, anything you wear brings out your beauty and shape.

* It attracts many suitors around you: take it or leave it, every guy wants a better thing. When you have those curves with a flat tummy, you'll become every man's spec. I know the character is most important but every man wants a beautiful person, so work on your body.

Above all, love yourself and your body.
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