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This post was last modified: 09-22-2022, 08:37 PM by Comfort Oladosu.

People ask me countless times: " have you been able to deal with sexual urge as a matured single lady? And many related questions. Some even go further by saying, as a 'Jesus baby' you are, do you feel any sexual urge? Laughing Out Loud 😅😅

These questions are genuine but funny though 😀

Well, as human it is natural and normal to feel the urge regardless of how purposeful, godly and decent you are. If you like speak in tongues for 24 hours nonstop, or pray for 1 year without a break; there must be a time you'll feel the sexual urge.

If as a mature single lady or man, you do not feel any urge; you need to go for an urgent deliverance session with appropriate medical attention.

As a child of God who is purpose driven and grounded in the word of God, it's not a sin to feel sexual urge from time to time. Sexual urge is not evil. It only shows you are healthy and okay.
So, how do you manage your sexual urge as single?

1. Get Busy with your life and purpose. An idle hand is the devil's tool and an idle mind is the devil's playground.

Why would you want to waste your time thinking about the urge when there are many things for you to do. Never give the urge a thought but rather get busy fulfilling your purpose. Get busy making your life beautiful.
Your singlehood is for you to build your dreams and to work more on your purpose.

If you haven't discovered your purpose yet, find it out and go after it.
Your feelings doesn't matter as you do. Feed your mind with edifying materials.

Many singles have loads of pornographic materials on their phones and tabloids; they even know all the porn sites. These kind of people will find it so hard to control their urge. Desist from munching on stuffs that will escalate your urge and make you act irrational.

2. Watch the association you keep. What kind of conversation do they engage you in? What are their beliefs about sexual purity?

You eventually become the association you keep.
Keep friends with those who  will help you become a better version of yourself and not those who will make you lesser.

3. Feed your minds with what will help you think and act well. Always renew your mind by meditating on the word of God and books that are valuable for your growth.

4. Learn to Say no when and where needed. Be determined to stay pure regardless of the pressure surrounding you. That everyone is into sexual immorality does not make it right.

5. Resolve in your mind to wait for the right time before you succumb to your sexual urge - that is when you get married. There is time for everything.

6. Identify you strength and weakness. Do  not thread on your path of weakness; it can be very deadly to do. Leverage on your strength.

Do not allow your feelings overpower you, you are greater than your feelings.

Be determined to stay pure and purposeful!

As a single lady/man,  your three greatest focus should be God, Purpose and You.

To your purposeful living 🥂
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