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Hello,I really need advice on this matter. There is this girl I met in my 100level days, though we didn't talk much but ever since our first meeting I just can't get my minds of her. I really do crush on her but I just don't know how to take it up from there to something better ,maybe something like us becoming friends.

I need your advices on this .
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This post was last modified: 05-18-2022, 08:20 AM by Rhoda Makinde1.
Thumbs up for seeking advice. It could be hard to create a friendship with one's crush, especially if you both are not friends. I will give you some tips on how to make it easier for you to gain her friendship.

Tip 1; research about her.
Researching her likes, dislikes, best colour, books she read, her hobbies etc would give you an idea about who she is. It would also give you a way on how to approach her, what to discuss with her and how to relate with her. Knowing all these would fascinate her and make her lose guard around you.

Tip 2; Strike conversations she can relate with.
This tip is very important if you want to sustain the friendship to the point she gets so close to you. If she loves talking about romance movies, don't go ahead discussing sci-fi movies with her. Know what her nitch is and leverage your discussion on that. Conversing on what she can relate with will make you a go-to guy whenever there is something new to share. Isn't that awesome ?.

Tip 3; Be a good listener
Listening to people goes beyond hearing–it is more of the heart. Always give her a listening ear whenever she is discussing with you. Listen to every bit of what she tells you; both the necessary ones and unnecessary ones. No lady would sideline a guy that listens to her.

Good luck!

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