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Hindrance is anything that delays or obstruct someone or something. Before the work of God can be progressive and successful, these hindrances must be tackled. 
1. UNBELIEF: It is doubting God, his word, his work, promises, plan, etc. It hinders God's purpose in human life. It hinders prayers, delays miracles, kills and destroys visions. Matt. 13:58,Rom11:20,Matt17:20.
2. Disobedience: This is rejecting the will of God. Refusing to abide by his law and direction. It brings calamity, jeopardizes lives and destroys God's purpose in human's life. 1kg13:21-24,Heb. 2:2-4.
3. Procrastination: This is indulgence. Postponing what is supposed to be done immediately to times after. It endangers souls and leads to waste of time, life, grace and opportunity. Exd. 22:29. Christians must be able to keep to time in all things. 
4. Sin: Sin hinders the work of God in the life of man. It pollutes the work of God and render it useless in the life, ministry and home of man. Eccl. 10:1,Prov. 21:15.
5. Prayerlessness: A prayerless christian is a powerless christian. No prayer; no open door, no success, no victory. Prayer is the master key to unlock every channel of blessing, success and Victory. And it is the oy means of communicating with God. Matt. 17:21,Phil4:6.
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