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Permanent voters' card (PVC) is what people of a notable age can use to elect a new leader. Permanent voters' card is a must
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have for everybody that has attained the adult age in Nigeria (18 years and above). 

The common myth that discourages people from voting is that "their vote won't count", which is bogus! Every person's vote counts and so, we must come together to debunk this myth by getting permanent voters' cards and coming out in 2023 to elect a good leader. 

The responsibilities of choosing a new leader all lie in the hands of the citizens. We must all come out to vote for the betterment of our beloved country and to make it safe for our generations born and unborn. 

Do not let selfishness and carelessness take a hold of you in the coming election. The present situation isn't safe for everyone, including you; this is why we must all make use of our civil rights and vote. 

Do not allow the myth " my vote won't count" to stop your vote. If voters don't count, then politicians and their followers won't bribe the citizens with money, clothes, food and the promise of better governance. The politicians know every vote counts! Just your vote may be why a particular aspirant will win. 

Regardless of your gender, religion, and ethnic group, you should get your personal voters' card and vote. We are one nation, and we should remain so. Voting as a citizen is the only important tool that will determine the state of the country for now and future. 

Presently, we have many setbacks like the ASSU strike, poor roads, unavailability of jobs, bandits attacks etc. Gone are the days we sleep with both eyes closed or go to worship houses without fear. Gone are the days when we could travel at any time without the fear of kidnappers.  

Our economic system is poor. There is inflation and people are barely eating three square meals. Our health facilities are not at their best. We need to change the narrative and we can't do that if we do not vote. Your vote is as important to this Country as the oxygen you breathe in. 

As a citizen, we have the power to choose a passionate, intelligent and competent leader to lead us for the next four or eight years. A leader whose desire is to see his people happy.  If everyone stays indoors during elections and also refuses to campaign for the right persons, the wrong people will vote for the wrong leader. 

To vote is our first responsibility as a citizen. It is also our civil right. 

Asides from getting permanent voters' cards, it is our responsibility to go out there to sensitize other people, especially uneducated ones and those that do not have access to information on social media and other means. 

Education is power. Education brings enlightenment. Educate people in your environment on the importance of voting. 

We can not only pray or wish for a good government, we need to start taking action right from the grassroots. 

As the next election is far approaching, let every hand be on deck. We need to come out of our comfort zone, get our voter's cards, educate people on the need to vote, do campaigns and then, pray. 

We all shall see a better Nigeria we all desire.

Writer; Rhoda Makinde. 
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