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First of all, faith is defined as what we do not see but believe to be true. Faith is the hope that what we want that seems impossible for us to get can be given by God. 

Faith in times of tribulation is what I will describe as the hardest faith on earth. Yet, God said in the book of James that the man with a double mind can not receive from God. 

God is not moved by your emotions, nor is he moved by your circumstances because he is the ultimate – nothing is too hard for him to do. God expects that you trust him wholeheartedly even in times of trials when your faith is weak and hope is gone. 

Circumstances don't change God, humans are the ones that circumstances change. When all is rosy and good, it is easy to have faith in God. It is easy to say that God loves me and is a true father. But what happens when you find yourself in the furnace of fire, when you are directed to denounce your faith or you die, when spouses, or children are at a point of death and only a miracle can change the situation? What happens when you get to the desert where your faith is being tried? 

When you find yourself in these hard times, would you renounce your faith in God or hold on to his words and promises? Circumstances do not change God. He is still God in the good times and in the bad times. 

It is expedient to have faith not only when life looks all rosy, but when life throws its hugely side at you. The three Hebrew men said, "...if we perish, we perish, but we will not bow down to your God." 

Will you be like these three Hebrew men that held on to their faith even when they were at the point of being thrown into the burning furnace? 

Faith in God becomes solid in you when you daily feed your spirit with the word of God and his possibilities. The Psalmist says "their word I have kept in my heart so I sin not against you". Lack of faith is a sin unto God. 

In times of trials and temptation, God is as close to you as ever before. He is not a God that runs away when things seem hard. Luke 1 verse 37 says " for, with God, nothing is impossible". 

God feels your pain because his word and son Jesus Christ came into the world and felt what it means to be human. He knows that our flesh is weak, but he wants us to have unmoved faith in him. 

Whatever you are passing through is not too hard for God. Have faith in God concerning everything; your health, your spouses, your finances, your life etc. 

Remember, he is God both in good times and bad times. He is God on the mountain and in the valley. 

©Rhoda Makinde. 

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