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I know the English language is not what most of us grew up knowing well,  it is still very important we know it rightly. We make use of it every day. For some of us, it could make or mar opportunities. It's a cool night to learn English ?


While "I am" is a first-person singular pronoun, consisting of I (pronoun) and is used in starting a sentence, "am" is an auxiliary verb, and can’t be used to start a sentence. Hence, when someone uses "am" to start a sentence, such sentence is grammatically wrong.

Wrong grammatical sentences using "am":

1. Am going to the wedding.
2. Am doing my homework.
3. Am not calling her any longer etc
Correct grammatical sentences using " I am":
1. I am going to the wedding.
2. I am doing my home.
3. I am not calling her any longer.

The only time "am" can start a sentence is when it is an interrogative sentence. For example:

1. Am I going to the wedding?
2. Am I a writer?
3. Am I your best friend?
"Am" is also used colloquially in response to a sentence where the speaker of the "am" is the subject.

For example:
"You are short". " Am not".
"You are stingy". " Am not".
This is a weekend giveaway. Be more conscious about the use of "I am" and "am" in subsequent write-ups and chats.
Do you get it?

©Rhoda Makinde
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