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We are  building a team of SIX to EIGHT young guys and ladies interested in joining my Agropreneur projects
You will be provided with opportunities for salary growth and career and exposure growth over the course of one year on the project
It starts with a starting salary of 25,000 Per Month for the first three months ( Because you will be provided with food and accommodation )
The salary climbs to 40,000 Naira per month from the fourth to the tenth week
From the eleventh week, the salary climbs to 65,000 - 80,000 Naira per month
Workers on the team from the 15th week will earn between 100,000 and 120,000 Naira monthly.
So, there's an opportunity for growth in salary and experience.

The location is Ogbomoso, Oyo

We are starting with 60 acres Maize, 4 Acres of Cucumber and 20 - 40 Acres of Cassava

The procedures are mechanized and they will be plenty of fun, adventures, and get-together.
To apply, send your CV, WhatsApp contact and your interests to me for further discussions.
Send an email to
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