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Comedy is a genre of literature and it is referred to as a dramatic work most importantly, it comprises a happy ending. Comedy is a part of entertainment which gives people amusement by laughing and having a merry heart. 

For generations past, people have been flocking to theatres and cinemas to sit under the atmosphere of comedy. This means comedy has been satisfying to the people. It is the part of the entertainment industry that people pay huge amounts of money for. 

The comedy genre was first started in Athens, Greece. It was during the 5th century BC. Romantic comedy, comedy of manners, comedy or humour, tragic comedy and sentimental comedy are various types of comedy, which are being done in both books and theatres.  

The importance of comedy varies and each of its importance will be mentioned below;

Comedy helps mental health. 

There are many reasons why people go for comedy. One is for their mental health. A lot of things can cause mental stress and mental disorders. Comedy makes mental health relaxed when the people laugh and free their hearts from the day's stress or financial obligations that seem hard to settle. 

Comedy helps to reduce blood pressure. 

Comedy helps to reduce people's blood pressure. When people laugh, the blood flow in the arteries increases and return reduces the risk of heart disease and death. 

Comedy helps to relieve stress. 

The stress we encounter in our day-to-day life mounts up to cause a big weight that affects people's health. It is important to read and watch comedy to reduce stress. 

Comedy helps boost the immune system. 

Watching comedy that makes people laugh increases the body's immune system. 

Comedy helps to tighten the bond of relationships. 

When people gather together to watch comedy, they build a bond when they laugh and release stress. Sharing laughter with loved ones increases the likeness. 

Comedy helps you to forget reality for a while. 

There are times people need to escape from reality to be in a more funny and relaxing world; a world where all they do is take a seat, eat and laugh with a merry heart. Comedy helps to liven people's moods and reduces the risk of heart disease, depression and promotes long life. 

Comedy gives inspiration.

Comedy both in books, as an art or in movies is a great source of inspiration. This happens because when the brain is relaxed and there is a free flow of blood in the arteries, the mind becomes expressive. In this state, new ideas spring up. 

©Rhoda Makinde. 

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