Zwerl is a free chat app where you get rewarded for sharing knowledge

Instantly chat for free on over 10,000 topics and get cash rewards by sharing your own knowledge! Whether you need help with academics, health, dating, cooking, fashion, translation, travel, coding, finance, fitness, or pretty much anything else - we've got you covered. is a platform where people can talk to experts on demand and get answers for questions they’d otherwise need extensive research to find the solutions to. It is also useful in case you lack the expertise for the topic which you want to research upon. It is basically a BPO with a chatting interface format.

For the experts on the platform, they can earn up to $6 per hour of conversation for advising people on the topics they wish to find out about.

Head over to the their site to find out more. I've already broken their rule of secrecy by telling you about this.

* Chat for free to 10,000s of people in a matter of seconds.
* Answer other people’s questions and get paid for sharing your knowledge!
* Get help from groups of knowledgeable people when you have a question.
* Send photos to illustrate your question and get better answers.
* Favorite people to chat to them whenever you want.
* Join Rooms to chat with everyone on Zwerl about your interests.
* Get a bonus for inputing a referral code on sign up and for referring others also for chatting daily. sign up and use my code download the app from playstore.