comedy hour

Akpos called customer care by 1 am.
After 30 mins of advert, finally, Akpos comes on line.
Customer care: Hello this is MTN customer care how
can I help u?.
Akpos: God punish u!
Customer care: Sorry sir that's not polite, what's the
Akpos: Are u askin me? Check ur time, what is it sayin?
Customer care: Sir this is 1:30 am.
Akpos: So, why are u not asleep, are u a witch?
Customer care: No sir am not a wizard.
Akpos: Then what are u? Has others not slept finish?
Customer care: Sir, please go straight to the reason why
u called.
Akpos: Ok, I have N99 on my phone, please transfer me
N1 naira let me make midnight call.
Customer care: Hahahahahahahah ahaha. Between you
and i who is a witch?
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