Fivebuckx: Invest N500 and earn N24,000

Fivebuckx: Invest N500 and earn N24,000

Fivebuckx is an online funding platform designed to empower persons and help elevate its citizens. As an entrepreneur, fivebuckx is a key activity that is not only fun, but critical to your personal growth and business development.

People are always looking for legit ways to make money online, and fivebuckx seems to be the best way. Some will see it as scam because of the past experiences that they’ve had with MMM. I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry about that, because, you only invest N500 and earn N24,000 in return. You can do it with any device, be it phone or laptop. All you need to have is an internet connection.

How fivebuckx works
Once you register with fivebuckx, you are automatically assigned to an existing member (YOUR UPLINE). You will be asked to fund him/her with NGN500.
After funding him/her,you will graduate to level 1, this is the part where you are to receive payment from 4 persons which will give you N2,000.
Just after receiving the payment from the 4 persons, you will become a level 2 member. This is where you will be asked to pay N1,500 to a certain person.
The system will automatically assign 16 persons to pay you (NGN1,500) each on that level within a short time. then you circle out.
It’s simple as that, if you calculate it well, you don’t get to spend more than N500, on this. Let’s do the maths. Investing N500, brings N2,000. N1,500 is being deducted from the N2,000, which leaves you with your N500. After depositing the N1,500, 16 persons get to pay you N1,500 each. That is, N1,500 × 16 = N24,000.

Download the PinsApp
With just N500 You will make N24,000 in no time. This is no fluke or scam, you should try it out as there is nothing to loose with N500. Not minding the fact that, it is totally your choice, you can decide to get into the system again as many times as you want. You do not need to refer or hustle for downlines.

Here is what you need to know
After activating your account, you will need to upgrade to the next level within 6 hours by making a payment. Your account will be deleted if you fail to do so.
If you receive payment from 4 persons under you, the system will automatically assign you to pay another member.
All payments are made directly to member bank account as you will be asked to provide your bank details.
How to join Fivebuckx
Fill up your account details as they would ask you for; your name, email address, phone number, account password, bank, bank name and bank account number.
Fivebuckx: Invest N500 and earn N24,000
You will be logged in instantly, now make your first payment of N500 to the account number that you see there
Before you make any payment, be sure to call the number and tell him/her that you are about to make the payment into their bank account. Also, call him/her after you are done transferring it into their bank account. If you call the number and it isn’t reachable, make sure that you request for a new upline or don’t make any payment at all.

All payments on Fivebuckx is users based, strictly member to member donations. Always wait for your sponsors to contact you for payment.



Pls how old is this platform. And I will like you to mentor me on various ways to make money online. Whatsapp: 09092835205

Tola2020: Pls how old is this platform. And I will like you to mentor me on various ways to make money online. Whatsapp: 09092835205 is a forum to make money by just posting interesting topics from the comfort of your house
Naitalk pays at the end of each month according to your effort that is according to the money u make


i will try it out hopefully it works but you should have spoken a bit more on how many referrals one needs to have on each level.


you should have shared payment proof or let us know if it still works.