This Is What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality

This Is What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality

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We know you’re thinking what has my blood type got to do with my personality, but hold on a minute and we’ll clear it up. Blood is made up of the same basic elements but within those elements are slight differences. In Chinese culture, it is said that these differences can distinctly influence peoples personalities.
This is what your blood type says about your personality

Blood Type A
You have higher levels of stress hormones in your body and can get stressed out easily. However, you are earnest, creative, responsible and very patient, a little bit of stubbornness is to be expected. You care about status and achievements and can have self-esteem issues. On a lighter note, mosquitoes won’t hassle you.

Blood Type B
You will excel at jobs where you can explore your creativity and passion, usually acting or writing. You’re generally easy going and you don’t take things too seriously. A type B personality is more interested in enjoying the game than winning the game.

Blood Type O
A type O person is generally optimistic and finds new and interesting solutions to problems they encounter. You are likely to have good leadership skills when you’re available, but being on time can be a problem for you. There are higher chances of mosquitoes biting you before they move on to other people.

Blood Type AB
If you have an AB blood type you’re probably cool, calm and calculating. This could be a good or bad trait depending on the situation. You can also be forgetful and indecisive sometimes and this can affect your leadership skills.

This is the fun part of your blood type and how it affects your personality. Tell us what your blood type is in the comment section and if we got your personality right. Meanwhile, check out how your genotype can affect your relationship.

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