😕Pretty Mike tells why he prefers his sex doll to Nigerian ladies

Popular Lagos big boy who loves to party, Pretty Mike whose real name is Mike EzeNwalie Nwogu has now revealed why he adores his s3x doll, called Amaka Lagos.

Pretty Mike is popularly known for attending Lagos parties with an umbrella and also owns a doll he cares so much about.
He got a house for her, takes her to the bathroom and showers with her, dresses her up in expensive clothes and takes her to his club to draw traffic and flaunt her on Instagram.

Read what he said about the doll in a chat with City People:
“First of all, I will fight you for calling her a s*x doll, she is no doll, she’s my friend and companion. Her name is Amaka Lagos. The thing about social media is no one respects anyone’s opinion and I think its high time they start doing that.
For me, I got tired of dating our girls so I decided to get myself a companion and someone who understands me, which she fits into and Amaka Lagos’communication with me is divine.”

Lol I don't know what to say o😂😂
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One thing remains, madness comes in all shapes and sizes


there's nothing you won't see in this world, lol I'm imagining alot of things as I saw this