Reply Her As A Typical Nigerian Boyfriend – What Would You Say?

Hello Everyone,

It’s another Edition of our “REPLY AS” game. It has been a very interesting post idea so far and we are so loving the responses.

Now, let’s do this again.

Baby, I Found A Bag Full Of Money But Am Taking It To The Police
The current financial crisis in the country these days have prompted a lot of people to derail from being the good citizen to being the bad guys.

A lot of us always have the fear of God in our heart until the greatest distraction (Money) sets in, we go just turn vampire immediately 😂😂

Imagine you received a call from your Girlfriend after she collected the last 2k on you to go for a Job Interview and on her way, she found a Bag full of Money but she called to inform you that she’s already on her way to the Police Station to report the case and possibly submit the Money to the Police 😳😳😳