SHOCKING!! Check Out 5 Foods That Could Kill You In A Second [No 5 Is

SHOCKING!! Check Out 5 Foods That Could Kill You In A Second [No 5 Is The Lead Killer!!]

Food is a must for survival. Many of our holidays and fondest memories are built around food. Whether you are enjoying comfort food or going out on a limb to try fusion, there are always new foods to discover. However, not everything that is eaten should be eaten. This list looks at common foods that have toxic parts, are toxic if not prepared properly, and a few delicacies you may encounter while you are traveling.


Nutmeg is a popular spice that is grown in the Caribbean and Indonesia. The kernel of the seed is nutmeg. Nutmeg adds a warm, sweet taste and awesome-y smell to food. It is also a hallucinogenic. A teaspoon of raw nutmeg brings on an elevated heart rate, nausea, dry mouth and vomiting. Hint: most of the nutmeg in your spice rack isn’t raw. It is rarely fatal, but you might wish you could die because symptoms will last a few days.

2. Apples

The Wicked Queen was on track in Snow White. Apples naturally contain cyanide, a very toxic substance. The cyanide is contained in the seeds, so make sure you avoid the core. It would take a lot of apple seeds to poison yourself, but why take the chance? A more serious problem is that pesticides cling to the apple skin and then get waxed into the apple during conventional picking. Wash the fruit and remove the wax coating for best result.

3. Honey

Unpasteurized honey may contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids if the bees were gathering nectar or pollen from the wrong plants. The PAs can lead to liver cirrhosis and cancer. The PAs are eliminated by pasteurization. Another issue with honey is botulism. Botulism is extremely fatal in small doses but the levels in honey are low enough that healthy adults can eat it. Children under twelve months should never be fed honey or honey products. Heating honey won’t help either.

4. Blueberries

Another type of produce that is high in pesticide and fertilizer residue are berries. Since the berries are delicate and popular with insects, farmers use a lot of pesticides and fertilizers in order to get their produce to market.
Blueberries contain 52 different pesticides known or suspected of causing damage to people and the environment. Oddly, if you purchase frozen berries, they are much lower in pesticide residue. If you want to eat berries, buy the frozen variety.

5. Fast food

This American invention play a role in the number one and two leading killers of Americans. Fast food is engineered to taste good and to create addictions to the high fat, high calorie, highly processed and cheap offerings. Fast food is directly linked to high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity that lead to heart disease. Some cancers could also be linked to fast food preservatives and processing. Avoiding the convenient but potentially deadly trap of fast food could save your life!



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