Why You Should Never Buy A Used Phone In Nigeria

Here are 5 good reasons why you should never buy used phones.

1. You may be buying a stolen phone

It is on record that most used phones that are sold on the streets are stolen. It is also on record that a number of unsuspecting buyers have found themselves in police net because they bought stolen smartphones.

To avoid the embarrassment and trouble that may attend to the purchase of a stolen phone, it is advisable to steer clear of buying used phones.

2. You will miss the advantage of latest advancements in technology

Technology advancements bring new features that enable phone users to do more with phones. A number of people actually drop existing phones to take advantage of new phone features.

Buying used phones means one gets stuck with old or even outdated technology and robs one the opportunities that new technology offers.

3. It may not be the bargain that you think

Many people who buy used phones do so because they feel they will be getting a bargain. However, it is difficult to actually determine all the faults in a used phone at the time of purchase.

A used phone that looks perfectly good could harbor hidden faults like bad battery, damaged internal hardware, and bad repair jobs already on the phone.

These faults may not show up at the short test that may precede purchase. In the end, the buyer may have to undertake expensive repairs or find the phone useless altogether.

4. You cannot determine how much life is left in the phone

A smartphone has a lifespan based on usage. It will be difficult, for instance, to know how many hours of use a used phone has gone through and how intensely it has been used. The buyer of a used phone would be unable to determine how much abuse the phone has gone through.

So, how much life is left in the used phone? A few hours, a few days or a few years? The answer to these questions will be like a shot in the dark for a used phone. A used phone bought today could reach the end of its life tomorrow! And, remember, used phones carry short or no warranties.
5. It’s tough to decide where to buy from

While it could be pretty straightforward to determine reputable dealers of new phones, it is not so for used phones. To decide who or where to buy used phones from, a prospective buyer will have to be wary of thieves, dupers and people who will be dishonest about the true state of the used phone.

In such circumstance, it may be difficult to be careful enough to avoid getting into trouble.