Awodiji Dorcas

Recuperating moral decadence in our society

"Charity" they say begins at home...the home, the family, the first port of call of learning, what can we say about our various homes do we picture the interaction between parents and their kids today. Due to some circumstances a wide gap has been created between parents and children in the home no communication in the sense that children can't cry out for help to the ones who are expected to help them...parents can't create time to listen to their kids, profer solution to their problems, be there to clear their doubts about various things, to teach, train and guide them morally. Our religious gatherings no longer speak the truth about our social behavior which includes our various mode of dressing all they talk about is academic excellence, extraordinary miracles and financial growth. The social media is now the place to exhibit all kinds of profane, debase, vulgar attitudes, dressing, music and so on. Our immediate environment is filled with corruption. The school, the University which is supposed to be a community of schorlars where knowledge about academics and morals is supposed to be instilled in students has turned to an institution to encourage social vices:- prostitution rape harassment examination malpractice abuse of power fraudulent practices...and the list goes on. Although it seems like there is no hope...there is actually we still have people of impeccable character who have decided to remain both academically and morally sound... I will like to encourage every youth out there that believes in decent dressing and every parent that believes in investing in their children please continue, let us voice out, let us show them that we are not ashamed of doing what is right that we are not ashamed of being normal and we are not ashamed of who we are. Let us brace up, shoulder high, chin up and teach them what is right let us not be intimidated, let us not feel inferior because in the real sense of it we are superior. Convering up shows you're sane and that is what matter. Shun indecent dressing among youth and some parents today through that confidence you have in you. Let your motto be "I am superior, I am sane"