why people fear maths

9 out of 10 people believe that mathematics teachers are not great educators. They believe this is the first reason why many people are genuinely afraid of mathematics and fail to do well at it.

Many research are very interested in why people are afraid of mathematics but are yet to come to terms why or how math anxiety develops. Although research has shown that math anxiety and math abilities are related, no study so far has been able to tell us which comes first. In other words, we do not know if being bad at math causes math anxiety, or if having math anxiety makes people bad at maths.

In general terms, there is a notion that this ability stems from the fear of numbers. This is so common that some qualify it as a phobia—numerophobia or arithmophobia.

Here is a list of possible reasons people hate mathematics.

Abstract Quality

Maths does not have a shape and colour. It is not something that people can relate to plainly or visualize. Visualization comes from the everyday experience and relating mathematics with it requires a very good mathematics teacher.

Bad Teachers

Most people especially in Nigeria, do not enjoy teaching mathematics. Hardly will you meet someone who had genuinely wanted to study maths. The university often gives them the course as an alternative to what they originally wanted.

People’s Disposition to Maths

Many children hate maths because people around them hated maths. A strong dislike for mathematics can influence children and because they are impressionable affect them. Everything around them affects them. Be it dislike to mathematics shown by parents or teachers.

Teaching Methods

Most maths systems have not evolved. This makes teaching mathematics boring and monotonous. Students are unable to visualize the concept taught by the teacher. Therefore, their interest level goes down. Hence they start developing a disassociation with the subject. If this disassociation continues for a longer period of time child starts hating mathematics.

Mathematics Take Time

Many people hate maths because it takes time. Calculation and numbers