📶🔓🔑 How to get WiFi passwords from cyber cafe's (easy)

🚫Please this is for educational purposes only, I'm not responsible for whatever you do with this information..

Hello naitalk users, I will be giving you an easy tutorial on how to get cyber café WiFi password.. Its not a hack actually its just an easy method, Just go to a computer connected to the wireless internet(Windows XP- Windows 7),go to the sign for network where you will see network you are connected to, then left click on the wifi you are connected to and you will see properties then click properties ,a window will open with information about the WiFi go to the security tab you will see the WiFi name and password in dots just tick show password and boom the secret password inputed by owner of the cyber café will be shown..Now you know the cyber cafe's WiFi password.. Please don't let this info cause harm to you, if the owner catch you dey use him WiFi for your phone, na you sabi o😂.. I know you have learnt something new, why not give it a like👍 and if you're confused, drop a comment..Stay tuned for more tech related posts.😁



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This doesn't work on windows operating system higher than windows 7




Teach us how to hack Buhari computer o


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