Major Igbo traditional rulers have set
December 28, 2018 to abolish the Osu caste
The Osu, in Igbo tradition, are usually
discriminated against for no fault of their own,
because they are said to be dedicated to
deities. For years, people have been calling for
an end to this barbaric practice.
While some regions in the South-East have
succeeded in abolishing the Osu caste system,
it is still alive and well in a lot of Igbo
communities. But this is about to change.
According to a statement on Tuesday, there
will be an event marking the abolition of the
Osu caste system in Igbo land. The event will
take place on December 28 at the Nri Palace in
Anambra State.
The statement quoted the Regent of the ancient
Nri Kingdom, Prince Ikenna Onyesoh, as saying
it would be "spiritually suicidal" for anyone to
continue with the obnoxious Osu practice after
it had been abolished.
He said,
Come December 28, 2018, more stringent
spiritual implications will be pronounced
from Ikpo Eze-Nri against such
devaluation of mankind, after an
extensive spiritual abrogation exercise.
The statement also quoted the Eri traditional
rulers as saying that they were set for the
The Chairman of Eri Dynasty Traditional Rulers
Forum, Eze Nkeli Nzekwe Kelly, said, according
to the statement.
The whole world needs to witness what is
about to happen in our land on December
28, 2018 because such a thing has never
happened before.
The last time in history anything close to
this happened was 200 years ago. And
mark my words, after these abolition and
atonement exercises, anybody who
continues to uphold these practices will
have themselves to blame.
It’s time to end these once and for all and
unite our people for the new era. It’s
time for our estranged brothers and
sisters who were sold into slavery to
return home. We are more than ready to
atone for the sins of our forefathers and
reunite with our kits and kins in America,
Europe, the Islands, and beyond. It’s time.



why will such even be existing in dis modern time