The church Accountant 4

Episode 4
After Aisha left, I called the Receptionist that I am not attending to anyone. And I started ruminating over my life…..what have I just done? Why did I have to do such even in the office? Why didn’t I take her home to just do it? As I was thinking about it an SMS entered my phone which reads: “meet me at the front of Campari fast – food joint at Iwo Road in the next 1 hour – Dcns. Emeka”
I tidied up my office, sprayed the air freshener and switched off the Air Conditioner, I called the Secretary that I have an urgent appointment at Iwo Rd and it will take me 2-3 hours.
When I got there, I saw her already waiting for me inside the fast – food joint and I sat beside her.
Me: Ma, it is quite scary for me to come and meet you here.
Dcns. Emeka: shhhh…. I wanted to talk with you (she placed her hands on my laps trying to rub it)
Me: (tried shifting away from her) ok ma I’m all ears
Dcns. Emeka: you have been avoiding me since when you resumed.
Me: No….. I am not running away from you ma. You know the nature of our work in the church office, not having time for other engagements.
Dcns. Emeka: I just want to know how you are faring. Take this envelope (she passed an envelope to me). Use it to do whatever you want to do.
Me: thank you ma.
Then I realized that it was about 50,000 Naira in the envelope
Dcns. Emeka: You know the project we are about to execute in the church and I want you to work towards it that I should be the one awarded the contract to. I promise that as soon as it has been awarded, I will settle you in cash and in other way round
Me: how will I help you ma?
Dcns. Emeka: the church board meeting will come up on Sunday and you and I will be there; and as you know, I can’t recommend myself. All the Board members have united themselves against me and their main instigator is Elder Barcanista. I want you to help me. Accountant use every possible means to convince Head Pastor.
Me: I am not assuring you but I will try.
Dcns. Emeka: Ok. I will be expecti