Do You Need A Career Advancement Without Job Experience ?

Lacking experience, some workers find it difficult to advance to a job with expanded responsibilities. But it can be done.
A worker seeks fulfillment in a new job involving expanded skills and responsibilities. The dilemma: Without prior experience in the field, how can she prove her capability to a potential employer? The challenge is even more daunting for someone without a Job trying to make it into an established organization.

What a worker needs is a company that fits with an individual's previous experience and yet extends their skills in a new direction while those without experience can start building their profiles for the right job.

ByPlus can help you find the job and help workers bridge the gap to a more rewarding position and enable them to manage and advance their careers in the less predictable world of labor.

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Date - 18th July 2017
Time - 10am
Venue - 20b Akin Osinyemi Street, Allen Avenue, ikeja, Lagos.