why u dont ave boyfriend

Having a boyfriend goes beyond beauty, smartness and funny. In fact, there are countless girls out there who have all these characteristics, but they still find it very difficult to get a serious boyfriend.

What could be the reason for this? Some little things you do unconsciously can prevent you from having a serious date. Check out these top 5 reasons why you don’t have a boyfriend.

Reasons Why You Don’t Have A Boyfriend

#1. Your Actions Indicate Lack Of Interest

One of the reasons why you don’t have a boyfriend could be that your actions indicate a lack of interest. Most times, when guys come around you to strike up a conversation, you normally turn them down.

To put it differently, you are okay being single and don’t want to mingle. If you continue like this, all the guys that show interest may naturally give up. While you will be there waiting for your fairytale lover to come.

So, it is advisable to show interest whenever a guy starts a conversation with you. This is the first step in the right direction.

#2. You Don’t Trust Any Guy

Most times, ladies tend to judge every guy coming around based on their past experience. if you are among the ladies that do this, you may not have a boyfriend anytime soon.

That you were heartbroken by your ex-boyfriend doesn’t mean that every person coming around is a “Yoruba demon”. Therefore, it is advisable to allow your experience in the past to remain in the past.

Never allow it to affect your relationship life. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to have a serious date. Remember! Time waits for nobody.

#3. Keep Cancelling Dating Appointments

One of the reasons why you don’t have a boyfriend is probably because you are fond of cancelling a date. Some guys may naturally give up when you keep cancelling dating appointments you agreed on before.

#4. You Are More Focused On Your Career Than Anything Else

Most times, it is advisable to always balance your career and love life in such a way that one will not affect another,

Sadly, when you become too focused on your career, your love life suffers greatly, thus preventing responsible and serious suitors from approaching you.

#5. You Always Intimidate Men

Also part of the reasons why you don’t have a boyfriend is that you always intimidate men. Sometimes, your beauty, ambitious, confidence and intelligence may scare men away from you. This is because they may not really know how to approach you.