5 Car Features We Use Differently In Nigeria

In Nigeria, some car features are used differently from the purpose they serve abroad. In some cases, we don't even use these features at all because they may cause more harm than good.

Let's take a look at some of the 5 car features we use differently:

1) Daytime Running Light (DRL):

For most Nigerians, the Daytime Running Light is more about the efizzy.. As we don't care about the functionalities. Some will even turn on their headlights if their car does not have DRL.. then they forget to turn it off when they get to their destination. The DRL is actually a safety feature that makes your car more visible to others especially during persistently dark and hazy winter seasons.

2) 4 Wheel Drive:

In several other countries, most drivers prefer the 4 wheel drive due to winter.. because it gives better traction in the snow. However, Nigerians want it for the bad roads or to climb culvert to escape traffic.

3) Engine stop-start function:

This feature is used to conserve fuel and reduce emission at traffic lights and in traffic congestion. It turns off the engine when you come to a complete stop.. and the engine fires back up when you lift your leg from the brakes. Most Nigerians i have seen just turn this feature off.. because, imagine the stop and go traffic, pressing your brakes for Okada and pedestrians etc.. your car will just be doing off and on like PHCN.

4) In dash navigation:

Many of us want our cars to have the Nav system for effizy. This thing will only navigate us to nowhere.. and please, don't buy those Chinko aftermarket screens. They will definitely disfigure your dashboard.

5) Bluetooth connectivity:

This is an amazing feature. You can make and receive phone calls without touching your phone. But I was surprised to learn that some of us hate this feature because our spouse must not hear our talk. Someone even cut off the whole connection cable because he didn't want to take chances.

Do you have any other that comes to mind?