The village Guardner4



I and uche walked inside the duplex.the house is one of the best in our community.we walked majestically inside the compound.i looked around and saw two cars packed at the garage.there was grases all over the compound.we walked and stopped at the door post that lead to the his sitting room.i knocked at the glass door lightly. there was no respond.i knocked again.still no reply.i wanted to knock for the third time.before we heard a deep voice.that said he was coming. We waited for some seconds before the glass door open.and here stand is chief simon with his long beads.
Good afternoun.we greeted him.
CHIEF SIMON.yes how may i help you.(won’t you ask us to come in first.this rich men self.mitchew.
ME.sir.my name is tobechukwu and here is my friend uche.
CHIEF SIMON.you still havn’t answerd my question.how may i help you.
UCHE.sir.we hear say u dey find person.wey go help you clear the grases wey dey for your compound.so i bring my friend here to you.he is very hard working.am sure he can help you clear the grases.
ME.yes sir.i can do it.
CHIEF SIMON.are you sure this your friend that you bring brought here to me is not a thief.coz i will lock him up.if any of my property lost.(i no blame you.i was the one that came to help you clear your compound.that why you are insulting me.this is one of the reason why i hate rich men.they like insulting person.if my parents was still alive.i won’t be standing here with you.i would have been in university by now.well beggers gat no choice.mitchew.).
ME.aah.sir am not a thief o.ask my friend here.or anybody in this community.am pure.
UCHE.yes sir.he is not a thief sir.
CHIEF SIMON.okay.come in.if your sure of yourself.
We went inside the large sitting room and stood.he ordered us to sit down at the cursion.we sat down quietly.
CHIEF SIMON.so what are your names again.
ME.iam tobechukwu.and he is uche.
CHIEF SIMON.as you can see.i just came back from the city yesterday evening.and my compound is very unkept.i need someone that will help me.clear and weed the grases away.are you ready to do it.(pointing at me).
ME.yes sir.i will do it very well.
CHIEF SIMON.when are you starting work.
ME.tomorrow morning sir.i will start the work.
CHIEF SIMON.let me offer you boys something.what will you like to take.
ME.anything.will be fine sir.
UCHE.me i want beer sir.(na drink go kill this boy.longer throat).
CHIEF SIMON.okay. Isabella.isabella.he called.(who is isabella.what kind of a name is that.i asked myself). Yes daddy.she answer from the inner side of the room. Please bring one bottle of red wine with two glases for me.(he commanded).okay.daddy am coming.she replied.
Some minutes later.i looked up and saw one of the most beautiful creature that i have ever seen.wow is this a human being or mermaid.she is fair in complexion.tall.and she has a perfect body.i don’t even know how to describe her.all i know is that she is very beautiful.
I was looking at her till she came closer to us and droped the tray she was holding.which contain the red wine and the glases.
CHIEF SIMON.boys.meet my lovely daughter isabella.(we waved at her shyly).my dear.this is the boy that will help us clear those grases at the compound.(pointing at me).you are welcome.she said to me.in her angelic voice.(chai!oboy see voice.see the kind english wey she just speak now.to go school dey good o.i said to myself.
CHIEF SIMON.boys enjoye your selfs.i have something to do up stair.if you are through with the wine you can take them home.or you can take it here.and one more thing.i want you to start the work very early tomorrow morning.okay.
ME.okay sir.i will come early. He left with his daughter isabella to the up stair. Money is good o.see as this girl they shine.i said to uche.
UCHE.tobe.are you seeing what am seeing.
ME.yes o.infact i dey see more than you self.
UCHE.chai!this girl fine no be small.you sure say she no be maami water.
ME.na waiting me self they think o.how can she fine like this.only her.i thought that tochi is fine.but i don’t know that there are girls who are more beautiful than her.e.g isabella.
I and uche went home with the red wine that isabella brought to us.let me go and rest.i have a long way to go tomorrow.but before then.i have to see my tochi.