Adeleye Caleb

Not all expensive websites are great for business

From years of experience in Programming and web development , i have come to realize that Expensive websites doesn't make a great business website. Often times Clients want to replicate a website they saw somewhere and they think is big and well designed , and with the hope that it will help their business , but when this doesn't happen they become frustrated and emotions starts running high.

what these Clients fail to understand is that all great websites come with great responsibilities among which is maintenance. For example if you can not manage a blog please do not attach it to your website. Of what use is having a blog post of 3 years old attached to your site homepage? this is bad for business because this sends a wrong signal to your would-be clients that you are out of date and clumsy. You won't be able to handle their services well if you can't update something as simple as a website.

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