Thief tries to rob a jiu jutsu fighter but ends up regretting

A mugger in Brazil did not prove to be so tough after all when he tried stealing a cell phone from a woman. Magdeel da Silva, 18, was screaming in tears once Sabrina Leites, 22, placed him in an arm-bar while they laid on the street pavement awaiting authorities to arrive.

The young woman then used one of the most common jiu-jitsu techniques to keep him from escaping the scene, keeping it steady for 20 minutes until the cops arrived.

She said:
They just got scared by saying 'pass the phone'. I saw that they had nothing, so I reacted. When you have the technique you know how to act in a situation of immobilization because all this is a technique of immobilization.
If they were armed, I would have never reacted.

(Video on YouTube)



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