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πŸ•Ή Daily login N50

πŸ•Ή Comments N3 per a comment = *( Unlimited )*

πŸ•Ή Opening of news N2 = *( Unlimited )*

πŸ•Ή Sponsored post N100 daily

πŸ•Ή Forum topic N100 = *(Unlimited )*

πŸ•Ή Referral bonus N500 = *( Unlimited )*

πŸ•Ή Quiz N5 per one question = *(Unlimited )*

*Let's do calculations*

Daily login N50x7= N350

News is N2 per one,
Let's assume you re opening 100 news in a day,
That is 2x100=200 x 7 = N1400

Sponsored post is 100Γ—7=700

Forum topic is N100 *( Unlimited )*
Let's assume ngincome is approving your 10 post in day,
That is 100Γ—10=1000
N1000Γ—7= N7,000

Referral bonus is N500 *( Unlimited )*
Not compulsory, you will withdraw even if you no refer at all.

Let's assume you re referring up to 5 peoples in a day,
That is N500Γ—5= N2,500
N2,500Γ—7= N17,500

Quiz is #5
Let's assume you re answering 10 questions every day,

That is 5x10=50
50Γ—7= N350

*All calculationsπŸ‘‡*

N350+N1,400+ N700+ N7,000+ N17,500+ N350= N27,300

U see u re sure of making at least N27,300 in a week with ur mobile phone on this site with just that your one time payment of N1,100 registration fees, you are now making thousands every week.

*Minimum withdrawal is N3000*
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*To refer is optional not a must*

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