4 features you should immediately turn off on your new smartphone

4 features you should immediately turn off on your new smartphone

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There are many things people look at before buying a new phone.

With advanced technology, smartphones come with different features.

However, there are some features you don't need on your new phone. Here are four features to be disabled:

1. Automatic brightness

Automatic brightness is a feature that will only drain your phone’s battery.

At times, the brightness detected becomes higher than you need which increases energy consumption that drains your battery at a higher rate.

2. Vibrations and sounds

Vibrations and sounds are not only irritating but also bad for your phone’s battery life.

Make sure you disable all vibrations and sounds that don’t help you in any way. You can only use the call and messages sounds.

3. Useless apps

There are many apps on your phone that you will probably not use.

These apps will only take up your phone’s storage.

More so, they will run in the background draining your battery.

Disabling such apps will be beneficial to your phone.

4. Animations and transitions

Animations and transitions are effects you see when scrolling through your phone.

They are unnecessary to your phone. Head to the developer options menu and disable them to make your phone fast.