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How to make money step by step on Facebook

Firstly, you need to understand that to make money from Facebook through the Facebook Audience Network you will need to own a Facebook Page and a blog.

*If you do not have a blog and a Facebook page yet you can visit this link http://latellisco.com/fromnairaland.html for a step by step guide on Blogging and building Facebook page.*

Facebook Audience Network is where the money is now. A lot of people have abandoned Google Adsense and embraced Facebook Audience Network, but the wise ones are doing the two together. The benefits are just too enormous. If you asked me to help you choose between Facebook and Google, I will definitely pick Facebook a 100 times over. But the good news is that you can run the two on your blog at the same time.

If you run Adsense and Audience Network on the same blog, your readers will only see the Audience Network ads when they access your blog through your Facebook page through the Facebook mobile app for Android and IOS. Facebook will filter out Google AdSense and display only their own adverts.

If anyone goes to your website through a web browser, be it on phone or desktop, they will see adverts by Google.

Facebook pays you per click and per impression while Google pays only per click. Per Click means you are only paid when someone clicks on an advert from your post. Per Impression means you are paid when someone views the advert and not necessary have to click.

So, on Facebook, the more people click on a post from your page through the Facebook mobile app, the more traffic you will get; this traffic will translate into a lot of Ad Impressions, plenty Ad Impressions will result into more money. The more your Facebook Page followers, the more the money you will make.

Let me throw a little light on this Facebook thingy.

There is what we call Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook Audience
Network. The two work hand in hand, and you are going to do them together.

When you apply for Instant Articles, you are able to share your blog's content on your Facebook page and your readers have the luxury of easily accessing your posts because of the load time. Instant Articles helps load your posts 15 times faster than normal, and this helps your users have a wonderful experience even with an extremely slow internet connection.

The Audience Network is the real deal. This is where you earn money with your blog. With Audience Network you are giving Facebook the permission to run video and image adverts on your posts. When someone clicks on any post you share on your page, the Instant Articles helps load them faster and they can see advertisements by Facebook Audience Network while reading the post. That‟s it!

Without Facebook Instant Articles you cannot apply for Facebook Audience Network. You must do the former first before you are given the permission to do the latter.

Advantages of Using Facebook Instant Articles:
*The best thing about Instant articles by Facebook is that it's FREE
*FIA gives full freedom to design and brand your content.
* FIA enjoys all the benefits of Facebook‟s EdgeRank and improve the traffic.
* FIA entices your site traffic by providing faster, seamless experience with interactive features.
*FIA increases your social signal through boosted user sharing prompted by better user experience.
* FIA's Content Monetization options - 100% of the ad revenue from direct-sold ads & 70% of the revenue generated from Audience Network.

Disavantages of Using Facebook Instant Articles:
*Facebook limits the number of ads delivered through FIA.
*Third-party advertisers are restricted and this may incur a drop in the revenue
*Facebook might restrict the number of images & videos on your FIA to decrease the loading time of your content.
*Any widgets within the article, will no longer appear on your FIA.
* Any widgets, advertisements or information in your sidebar will not reach your audience.
*Most shortcodes and custom fields will not be displayed in your articles. Note that FIA is an abbreviation for Facebook Instant Articles

So, let‟s go to Facebook right now and get approved for Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook Audience Network.
By now I believe you should have a functioning and running Facebook Page. If you don't have yet, you will need to create one and start growing it.

I will advise you do this on a computer and not phone or tablet.

Make sure you have posted more than enough articles on your blog before applying for Instant Articles. Ten is the minimum requirement but I will advise you publish at least 20 and be consistent.
I will show you how to Apply for Instant Articles and Audience Network on Blogger and Wordpress. Let us start...
For WordPress users, you will need to first Install the Facebook Instant Articles Plugin for WordPress.

read the rest here https://wordpress.org/plugins/fb-instant-articles/