The Village Gardner 6



I started the work with all the strength that i have in my body,within three days i was through with the work, with the help of tochi.
The following day i went to collect my money from chief simon, i knocked at his glass door as usual,they open the door but this time around it was isabella that open the door
ISABELLA. Hi tobe come in.
I went inside there large sitting room,she order me to sit down,i sat down
ISABELLA. You are very hard working guy,really strong, within 3 days you have clear the whole compound. (She said)
ME.thank you
ISABELLA. Please make yourself comfortable, let me tell my dad that you are here, she left i was looking around the sitting room when chief simon entered the sitting room but without his daughter. .....i stood up and greet him
CHIEF SIMON. You came for your money right
ME.yes sir
C.SIMON. i must say you are very strong and hard working,within few days you have already clear the whole compound. .....he shook de
ME.thank you sir.(i said smiling )
How much is your money he asked,sir my money is five thousand naira,but anything your heart asked you to give me is ok by me,are you serious?yes sir am serious,i like your spirit
ME.thank you sir,he handed me a small envelop
C.SIMON. there is 12 thousand naira just take it,you deserve it,i like strong and hard working young boys like you
ME. (Wow am 12 thousand naira richer)thank you sir may almighty God bless you
C.SIMON. so what is your name again and how old are you
ME.my name is tobechukwu and am 25 yrs old sir
C.SIMON. what about your parents and education
ME.my parents died when i was 10 years old,and my grandmother who i am leaving with was unable to sponsor me in school, so i dropped at ss1
C.SIMON. is a pity my dear,but do you wish to work
ME.yes sir if i see any work that will give me money of course i will work
C.SIMON. ok i want you to come to the city
ME.you want me to come to the city?.me city.
C.SIMON. yes i want you to be the gardner in my house at city,i will be paying you monthly
ME.but sir what is gardner?i don't understand
C.SIMON. lols,you mean you don't know what is gardner
ME.sir,i wish i know
C.SIMON. ok i will tell you,a gardner is a person or someone like you that care or cultivate a garden's law
ME. Ooh sir you are going too far,please break it down for me to understand
C.SIMON. ooh God you still have a long way to go,don't worry if you are interested i will take you to the city and teach you the work of a gardner, then you can start
ME.sir i am interested to do the job,but sir how about my grandmother, how is she going to corp without me,you know she is old and please sir,how much will you be paying me
C.SIMON. i will be paying you 25 thousand naira monthly, and as for your grandmother you should find a helper that will be helping her to do some house choir,maybe ones in a month you can come and visit them,how did you see it.
ME.you are right sir,i will do just that,when are we leaving?
C.SIMON. in 3 days time but Isabella will be going tomorrow because of her school
ME. Ok sir,thank you sir,can i go now,so that i can me preparing for the journey gradually.(i said happily, finally this is an opportunity for me to go to city,and start a new life,am tired of village life,i will save enough money, which will be enough for me to pay my tochi's bride price
C.SIMON. of course you can go see you later,i looked for isabella to bade her good bye but i didn't see her,then i went home happily,i was like God has finally answered my prayers to go to the city,how will my life in the city be,is it going to be different from my life in the village? Well only time will tell.
On my way,i branched at uche's house to break the news for him,he was happy with me and at the same time sad,he was sad that he was going to miss me and my company, i gave him some of the money chief gave me and left his house and again i branched at tochi's house to tell her about the news.
ME.tobaby m.you are looking good and happy today
TOCHI. Yes oo,am very very happy
ME.why are you happy na
TOCHI. Because am getting married very soon,with you(smiling)
ME. Me too am happy,how many children do you want to born if we finally marry
TOCHI. Erm erm 10 or 11
ME.(surprised) jesus,God forbid
TOCHI. Why are you shouting Jesus is 11 too small
ME.heeh(this girl want to kill me,you and who will born 10)see tochi 10 is too much,we will born like 5 or 6
TOCHI. Ok if you say so
ME.erm tobaby,i have something to tell you,i will be going to the city in 3 days time
TOCHI. City.which city na,do you know anybody in the city,please don't go any city oo,i don't want anything to happen to you
ME.come on,tobaby, am not a small boy na,i want to go and do better work so that i can raise enough money to pay your bride price, ok chief simon said he will help me with a job
TOCHI. (Started crying) so you want to leave me and go to the city abi,you want to be following city girls abi.