What Bitter leaf can do to your body

most people in different,part of Nigeria want to learn how to cook other types of food, Do you know that in our forefathers time nothing like hospital and they lived long than people of these days, take a moment and ask your self how come? now i want to tell you about BITTER LEAF. Bitter leaf is very hard to believe but is giving medicine to the body,,,bitter leaf is one of the local leaves which is common to as many,
what is the best soup to put bitter leaf?
that is the question that most people ask in my own view,you can use any soup but mainly is EDE SUOP ,,is porpulay known as most of igbo tribes soup it's call OFE EDE. if you are having malaria,tiphod,and body irritation or weakness take this things i have mentioned above and i assure you that you will feel better.



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It's water is medicinal

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