The church Accountant 1

THE church Accountant Season 1

This story is rated +18

Episode 1
I received a call
Caller: are you Brother Collins Ajidara?
Me: yes
Caller: I am Pastor Maxwell speaking from ZOCA Church in Amuloko. You applied and did interview for the post of Church Accountant three months ago. I am glad to announce to that you report at the church office by 11am today.
Me: (Very excited) Yes sir. Thank you sir. (call ended)
I jubilated around the house because it had been a great relief to me. I had been at home for the past three months…. I quickly prepared to get to Amuloko. I called my parents to break the good news to them.
By 11 am I got to the place. I met with the Senior Pastor and he briefed me on my job and what I will be doing. I was given an en – suite office with all the necessary accessories….a complete system with internet connection. Not long that I settled down I heard a knock
Me: come in
The person came in and wow! I was speechless. She was of moderate height, chocolate in complexion and has a slim structure. She has a huge Weapon of Mass Defence in the front and a wonderful Weapon of Mass Destruction at the back. She was dressed in a skirt suit which covered most of the assets.
She: good morning brother. Welcome to ZOCA Church. My name is Sis. Iyoaye and I am in charge of the Church Bookshop.
Me: Thank you Mrs. Iyoaye. I am Collins Ajidara by name.
Sis Iyoaye: Please call me Sis. Iyoaye
Me: ok Sis. Iyoaye.
I was wowed at her structure because my adrenalin level has soared beyond 1000km/sec and I wished to grab her Weapon of Mass Defence and start sucking it at that spot. The intercom buzzed and brought me back to reality
Me: Hello Sir
The Pastor: Bro. Collins please come to my office immediately.
I told sis. Iyoaye that I will see her later. When I got to the Pastor’s office, I discovered that the church elders and other pastors are already seated.
Pastor Maxwell: Accountant, please have your seat.
I greeted everyone seated and I sat at the chair that has been