Did Amelia Bassano Lanier write all of Shakespeare's plays?

I saw an Image online about a black lady , that is claimed wrote the plays of shakespeare , please Did Amelia Bassano Lanier write all of Shakespeare's plays?



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John Bull

The current opinion of Shakespeare scholars is that claiming any other author for Shakespeare's plays is largely BS. This has been the case for the entire history of Shakespeare scholarship, and the more we learn, the more we are sure of this.

The first people to claim an alternate author of Shakespeare's plays claimed Francis Bacon (this name still gets thrown around a lot). They were (wouldn't you know it?) descendants of Francis Bacon!

People who remark that there isn't any evidence that Shakespeare wrote his plays (despite the relative mountain of evidence that Shakespeare DID write his plays) are looking for evidence that wouldn't exist. Shakespeare was not a famous man in his lifetime, and certainly not the demigod he is today. He was a successful businessman and entertainer - I like to think of him as the Lorne Michaels of his day. Well known, well regarded, but you might not recognize him if you saw him walking down the street. But there was absolutely no reason for anyone to track his movements closely or to write his biography. One of the few things we know about him is that he was uninterested in publishing his own plays - the First Folio was published 7 years after his death. He was a businessman, though, so if his company could profit from selling the script of one of his plays, then he sold it.

You also have to remember, with any argument that someone other than Shakespeare wrote his plays, that there is absolutely no reason why someone would need to use a pseudonym, let alone use the name of a somewhat prominent working actor and theatre sharer in order to sell her or his plays. While most playwrights of the era were paid for their plays, Shakespeare probably wasn't - again, since he was a sharer in his company. He got a share of the profits of the play. Where someone like Marlowe would have been payed a flat fee for Dr Faustus one time, Shakespeare wrote plays for his own company. He would have had to pay himself for his play.

Those who argue Shakespeare didn't write his own plays argue for proof that he did. Rather what you should look for, if you really want to spend your life pursuing a mockable and disreputable search, research the actual proof that Shakespeare wrote his own plays, the culture of playmaking in early modern London, and then find irrefutable proof that someone else, and someone specific, wrote his plays. Every now and then, a play that we thought was by Shakespeare, like The Yorkshire Tragedy, is proven to be by someone else. And scholars accept that, mostly. Scholars of Shakespeare like to argue. They like to have different points of view in conversation with each other


It's still under investigation...we don't know yet. Might still be a speculation and we can't be sure until something is proven other wise.