Please Forgive Us For Bringing Politicians Into ANN Party - BOT Chair


It has come to my knowledge that there is a document being circulated as the report of a purported national convention of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), held at Ibeto Hotel on 3rd October 2018 with my name in it as a member of the new Board of Trustees (BOT) established by the so-called convention. I want to categorically state that I DID NOT attend the so-called convention and I AM NOT a party to any decisions made there. I see the inclusion of my name in the report being circulated as a deliberate attempt to mislead people into believing that I was part of it.Those who have chosen to walk the path of ignominy should be bold enough to choose from only amongst themselves.

The ANN Board of Trustees in its meeting of 27th September 2018 resolved that the Presidential Primaries scheduled for 29th September as approved by the party’s National Working Committee (NEC), should hold. I and many other ANN BOT and founding members fully participated in that convention which was supervised by 4 INEC monitors officially sent by INEC. This convention is well documented with the names and faces of delegates and participants. The convention produced Mr Fela Durotye as the ANN Presidential Candidate.

To set the records straight, ANN has 10 founding members who first met at the instance of Prince Adebola Adekoya to discuss and chart a course for a New Nigeria. Through several meetings, we coined the party name, adopted a logo, documented our vision and early guiding principles and appointed interim national executives. I am one of the 10 founding members, a member of the Board of Trustees and currently the BOT Chairman. All current members of the BOT are properly documented, and the records are also with INEC. The interim national working committee (NWC) was replaced by the current substantive NWC led by Mr. Emmanuel Dania through a national convention on 11th August. It is important to note that even though I openly complained about the procedures leading to that convention, I accepted its outcome and have worked cordially with the NWC it produced. That is because I am loyal to the party, its vision and its constitution. Additionally, the convention was duly supervised by INEC.

While a lot of noise is being made about presidential primaries, the party was not established for the sole purpose of contesting presidential elections, but to provide a platform that will produce credible leaders – who otherwise will not be given a chance by the old parties because of what they stand for – at all levels, to birth the New Nigeria of our dreams. Besides the party’s presidential candidate, ANN also has candidates for the gubernatorial, senatorial, house of representatives and house of assembly 2019 elections, across the country. Primaries duly conducted and supervised by INEC have been going on in different states, based on the guidelines and timeline that was approved by NEC. ANN does not have any factions and our constitution is very clear on how to conduct primaries at all levels, as well as how to change or modify any of the leadership organs of the party.

While it saddens me that we who should show the difference are bickering in public, I am consoled by the fact that the status quo only fights you when they see that you have the potentials to throw them out and throw them out we will! What is happening is not unexpected given the meteoric rise of ANN within a short time and the clear threat we present to old politicians who want to continue to pillage our national inheritance and mortgage the future of generations. Nothing scares the establishment more than the coming together of brilliant, credible young minds and they will not spare any tactics to attempt to scatter us.

I appeal to all ANN members and Nigerians to forgive us of any mistakes we made out of naivety, that has allowed politicians take advantage and sow seeds of discord. Fortunately, majority of the founding members, BOT members, National Working Committee Members and National Executive Committee members are staying the course. We have the party constitution, INEC regulations and Nigerian law on our side. We ask that we all remain steadfast as we will come out of this stronger, wiser and more focused. The battle for the soul of Nigeria is clearly not a ride in the park, but we shall overcome!!!

I thank all those who have contributed their time, resources, network and reputation to grow the party at the national and sub-national levels. ANN was created as a party for all and belongs to all of us!!!

Long live ANN

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

ANN the Difference.

Dr. Nkata Chuku
Chairman, Board of Trustees (BOT).
Alliance for New Nigeria. ANN.